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Colourful foods that make your heart happy

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Did you know that you can get what your body needs just by eating a colourful variety of fruits and vegetables?  A plate full of just potatoes, pasta and meat just isn’t as good for you, or half as appealing as a dish full of colour. Read on below to find out what foods are best for your body – and your taste buds!


Red fruit and veg: Tomatoes are particularly great as they’re packed full of antioxidants, they’re also known for protecting you against prostate and breast cancers. They’re also full of vitamin C and choline content in tomatoes which supports a healthy heart. Red chillies have got potassium in them, which decreases your chances of heart disease. Pomegranates – the tangy little seeds protect arteries from ageing and wear and tear.

Blue fruit and veg: Blueberries are a great antioxidant and also a tasty way to try and extend your life. The greater amount of antioxidants in your bloodstream, means more protection against cancers and other diseases – this applies to any fruit and veg which include them, red onions is one of them. Another food favour are lentils, they’re high in fibre so reduce the risk of heart disease.

Green fruit and veg: Avocados do contain a lot of fat – however it’s all healthy fats. They also contain lutein, an antioxidant that protects eye health. Brussel sprouts, you either love or hate them! They’re great for lowing blood pressure and include vitamins A and C in them. Possibly try roasting them and see if they’re more tempting?

Now even though nuts aren’t part of the rainbow and may not be your favourite thing to snack on. They are full of healthy fats, protecting you from Alzheimer’s and other diseases. They’re also said to have not just keep you living for longer, but also keeping you looking good for longer! Nuts may now just be your No.1 food go-to!



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