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‘How not to get old’

By August 24, 2013Blog

Did you all watch ‘How not to get old’ on C4 on Wednesday? In the programme Anna Richardson experienced a facial that we can actually do here at the salon.

In the facial included, Dermaroller, a non surgical skin procedure which improves fine lines, acne scarring, and produces collagen naturally to plump the skin, a stem call serum was then applied to the skin which absorb deeper into the skin as the Dermaroller allows the pores to open. A hydrocolonic mask was then applied to her skin to help hydration and soothe, the final step in this amazing facial was the LED light therapy facial was can treat a number of different skin concerns but in this case was used to plump up the skin and produce collagen. WOW!!

The effects of this facial are not only visible straight away but your skin will continue to feel and look fantastic!

We are offering this facial for and amazing £220.00!

Call us on 01473 222188 for more information on this facial or to book a free consultation.

Click the link below if you wish to catch up on 4OD.





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