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Welcome to our October blog post! Have you missed us? 

Autumn is such a lovely season, cosy jumpers, wholly hats, warm drinks. a beautiful period of transition.

As usual here at Image we enjoy providing you with some tips and advice to make sure you feel and look fantastic no matter the season or the occasion.


And we want to talk about skin, as you know looking after your skin is extremely important, and in Autumn its the perfect time to focus on repairing any damage that Summer may have caused to our skin and of course prepare our complexion.. because WINTER IS COMING! it is vital to continue with a healthy skin care regime that includes balanced nutrition, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and correct hydration as the basics, we are going to focus on 3 main areas:


  • Exfoliation: To save your skin from becoming dull, lacklustre and dehydrated during the autumn months, increase exfoliation to twice a week .There is a misconception regarding exfoliation, a lot of people believe that it makes drynessworse , but the reality it’s the best way to treat parched /flaky skin. It is important to remove the dead damaged cells in order to prepare our skin to improve the absorbtion of moisturising products .
  • Moisturising: Depending on skin type we must opt for a cream specifically designed to prevent moisture loss as this is one of the biggest issues we face in skin care, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are known for extra hydrating properties, and the moisture lots needs to be properly supplemented before winter catches up.
  • Lip care: We recommend to gently moisturise lips and reach for a lip product that contains natural waxes, butters and oils to protect, nourish and repair damaged lips.

Why not try some of our skin care products ? We stock the finest of retail products such as Dermatologica and Environ, come in to see us and speak to one of our excellent therapist who would be happy to advice and recommend product according to your specific needs.






Love, from the Image Beauty Salon team xoxo


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