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Pale in the scariest thing you can be this season

By November 2, 2018Beauty Trends, Blog, skin care

Don’t let the Sun less blues get to you 



There is no reason to feel gloomy when that beautiful summer tan fades, there is something special about how being tanned makes us feel .


But sulk no more ladies and gentleman! Because all year round our spray tan service is available therefore you can love the skin you are in without the risks that we are all now aware sun beds can cause. You can come in our salon and leave with  glowing bronzed skin! So its the perfect solution for when you need to get tanned fast, for an upcoming event ..and we have some festive parties coming up soon don’t we?


Let’s get your Glow on and help you feel TANtastic !



Here are some tips that are useful if you are considering a spray tan:

  • Ask questions, we are here to help you .Discuss your tan colour options with our therapists to get the best possible results. Its wise to mention if you have particularly dry skin areas, broken or abraded skin, wounds or allergies.
  • Bare in mind the time you book your appointment for in order to be able to shower prior to it.
  • Avoid using deodorant before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan’s absorption.
  • Do not to apply moisturiser prior to having a spray tan as it may interfere with the absorption of the spray tan.
  •  Avoid  jewellery before a spray tan and don’t wear it for at least 8 hours after.
  •  Its advisable to wear dark, loose fitting clothing to and from a spray tan appointment to avoid staining lighter coloured items of clothing .
  •  Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment, hair removal after a spray tan can remove the tan. Gently exfoliate from head to toe, ideally the day before your appointment, paying special attention to areas like knees, elbows and ankles.  Moisturise post exfoliation.
  • When possible, try to wear thong flip-flops home from your spray tan appointment to avoid boots/socks/stockings which may get stained.




And you know the saying … Its better to arrive late than pale 😛


Love, The IMAGE Beauty Salon Team, xoxo

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