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It’s that time of the year again where we are wearing less clothing, smothering far too much suncream all over our bodies and walking down the high-street squinting because we forgot our sunglasses…yes it’s Summer time 2018!

This post will hopefully get you feeling those summery vibes, all ready for the hot weather and sandy beaches…


One of the HOTTEST places to visit this Summer 2018 is the beautiful city of Milan. Now I know many people prefer long-stay breaks away such as a 2 week holiday in Spain or Mexico, but Milan is perfect for that 5 day get-away which will leave you returning home feeling relaxed, culturally educated and even with a tan!

Are you an art lover? If so, make sure you go visit the famous ‘Last Supper’ painting by the notorious Leonardo Da Vinci. You can find this at the Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Are you looking to unwind and relax? Then why don’t you take a trip to the QC Termemilano, a spa in Porta Romana which provides you with several saunas and even a tea room to visit afterwards…how British! However, in the underground below, there are more mysteries to discover. Such as stone rooms containing warm and cold baths. A Jacuzzi waterful and even a tram sauna outdoors.

DISCLAIMER – You will feel so relaxed and separate to the outside world that when you leave you will remember Milan’s usual busy lifetsyles.

Are you a big foodie? Check out this link here to find out the 10 Best Restaurants in Milan.

Beauty Regime

Already have a holiday booked? Then I am certain you are planning or currently working through that long list of beauty regime treatments which will get you looking flawless for your holiday.

It is completely down to each individual if you are wanting to spend big pound signs on looking good for your holiday, or there are some of us who prefer to spend less, yet get the right treatments needed.

For example, some people like to spend big bucks on a laser hair removal treatment a few months prior to their holiday so that the build up means no hair growth for the long-term. However, if you are worried about lasers or simply just can’t afford it, why don’t you just purchase a waxing kit from Boots! They both do the job in the end.

2018 is all about Nail Goals… Everyone wants lovely looking nails and toenails when they go on holiday. It is a very popular treatment and doesn’t even cost that much in the salons. For some nail inspiration, check out this YouTube video here, with a compilation of different nail designs which might appeal to you!

Monthly offer @ Image Salon

This month, we will be having an AMAZING deal on a treatment which will be ideal for you holiday makers who want a hassle-free makeup regime, perfect for leaving your hotel room early enough to make the breakfast buffet!

Monthly Offer @ Image = Eyelash Extensions – Pay full price for eyelash extensions, and pay half-price for your first infill treatment (Offer covers ALL Eyelash Treatments i.e. Russian, Classic)

If you pay for this eyelash extension and get it done before your holiday, then a few weeks after you have returned and they are looking a bit worn, your infill appointment will only be half-price!

Fun Fact

Travel has been shown to help aid those suffering from depression and has shown to promote overall brain health.


We hope you have enjoyed this June blog-post, Summer holiday edition. Stay tuned for July’s post next month!

Love Image X


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